Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CNN unveils holograms on election night

Minutes ago I slopped my Coke Zero all over the carpet when CNN unveiled a hologram during coverage of the U.S. election. Reporter Jessica Yellin was 'beamed in' from Chicago an excited Wolf Blitzer exclaimed... there she was with a sharp blue line around her standing on a red dot talking to Wolf as if this was an ordinary occurrence.
She did mention Princess Leia (although maybe reference to Star Trek would have been more appropriate)? She twinkled in and then was gone.
Weird, futuristic and kinda thrilling too.
All in all CNN is kicking butt tonight.
CNN is promising more 3-D holographic interviewees. Say so long to old-fashioned split screens.
Oh Gawd oh Gawd oh Gawd. The results for Kentucky and Indiana are in and it's sick because McCain is leading.
Obama for President!!
Oh hunkety hunk Anderson Cooper is on! Will be right back...

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