Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Multiple Mommy

If you think media reports are the gospel truth then you probably believe the definition of a mom is someone who bears multiples, twins or triplets at least. And if you have some eight children then you can score a reality show and sock away the earnings for the kids’ college funds. (OctoMom; Jon & Kate Plus 8.)

Such is life in 2009 when medical intervention makes it possible to have a litter. And litters abound. Julia Roberts has twins; Brangelina has twins; Marcia Cross, the redhead from Desperate Housewives; Rebecca Romijn, who plays Mystique in the X-Men series; Jennifer Lopez; Patrick Dempsey’s wife, Jillian; Dennis Quaid and his wife. (Even Red in Hellboy has twins at the end of The Golden Army!)

Maybe the Olsen twins started it… well in reality we know it’s because women are getting married later.

I’m thinking about his because a) I have one child; b) people keep asking me if I want to have another c) people say “don’t you wish you’d had twins coz then you’d be done” (implying I had a say in the matter!) and d) people keep saying “it must be so easy having ONLY ONE child.”

The last statement, d, rankles me the most. Yes, I am jealous of people with more than one child! But I’m desperately happy with the toddler I have. And somewhere in there is the implication that having one child isn’t enough. That my uterus hasn’t fulfilled its purpose.

I don’t if it has but I don't want to be counted out yet. One is enough. Not eight.

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Anonymous said...

great article - I agree - the next time someone asks me if I only have the one? I'll scream.