Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Latisse Eyelash Growth. Perfection or Pathetic?

The depths of our dissatisfaction with our bodies knows no bounds. Latest cosmetic 'improvement' technology is Latisse, an eyelash growth product. Brooke Shields is the spokesperson and in a commercial I saw last night, the former child supermodel exuberantly paints a chemical on her eyelids. Presto! Her eyelashes are longer, stronger, and dazzling, and able to solve world hunger and the energy crisis in America.

Not sure I heard the voiceover correctly but it sounded like side effects include 'blackening of the eyes that may be permanent.' Just try to imagine the whites of your eyes are now black - sort of like the zombies the witch Maryann created on True Blood. Or like burnt egg whites.

From colonics that promise to detox and cleanse our innards to plastic surgery for every conceivable inch of our skin science and technology seem to conspire to remind us (well, torture us), that the bodies we were born with are imperfect and no amount of tinkering, nipping, tucking, slicing, dying, liposuctioning, lasering, and so on, will ever be enough to make us perfect.

Perfect monsters, maybe. Pathetic and creepy, definitely.

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