Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sneaking a Nap With Preschoolers Around

Sometimes the best sleeps happen just where you happen to be sitting. But like a winter thaw, "snaps" (short naps) are to be cherished, because they don't last very long.

Take, for instance, my father, who is 69, and my son, who is three. Aba was at work at 7:30 a.m. today assisting in various surgeries. It's 6:22 p.m. and he's sprawled on the couch, eyes barely open for the last 7.5 minutes. Kamran is reading a soft cover book about a caterpillar looking for some lunch. "Red tomatoes, red tomatoes, munch munch munch tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, so much tomatoes. There are a lot of foods," he says. He pokes Aba. "Read it! Read it." Pre-schoolers aren't much for subtlety when someone needs rest.

Kamran brings his chubby face close to Aba's, so close that he inhales Aba's exhalations. "Naan-Aba, can we read another book!" Aba jumps. "Help me Naan-Aba. It's too heavy."

You're thinking I'm cruel for observing instead of giving my dad a break. Yes I am. But I so enjoy watching them play. Aba reads him Diego and Dora translating the English into Urdu. Kamran repeats the occasional word. Kitab. Book. "Dora made it past the troll bridge! Yaaay." He rubs his eyes. Aah, who is tired now?

Soon, Aba, soon, Kamran's eyelids will grow heavy and he'll fall asleep for 12 hours. Zzzzzzzz

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